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 Commerical, Industrial and Residential Glass and Mirror 

Guardian Glass has been serving Windsor and Essex County since 1962. We cut glass and mirror products to size and offer a complete line of Lexan, Plexiglass and industrial plastics.  

We also offer storm door and screen repairs, supply fireplace and woodstove glass and welcome insurance claims.

Guardian Glass is located a block and a half south of Riverside on Lauzon. We have plenty of free parking and are wheelchair accessible.

Phone, email, or walk in for more information.


Guardian Glass has a broad range of glass products for you to choose from. Whether you need it for the windows, doors or your storefront, we have a range of glass of varied strength and thickness to suit all your needs. Whether you need it for residential or commercial use, we have the best quality glass products to offer. Our glass products include:

Commercial glass

Fireplace and woodstove glass

Decorative glass

Glass railings

Patio door glass

Shower doors



Picture framing glass cut to size

Storm windows



We make it our goal to provide the top-of-the-line mirror to cater to all the needs of our commercial and residential clients in Windsor. You can customize the mirrors that we offer as per your needs or preference.


Plastics, Delrin and UHMW


Plexiglass can be used in skylights and bathroom shower frames due to its strength and ability to withstand weather conditions. You can also find plexiglass in banks or corner stores. An increasing number of companies now use plexiglass to manufacture face shields for COVID-19.



Practically indestructible, used for all areas where glass might be too fragile: factory floors, bus stops,  sports arena 


Nylon is a thermoplastic material that can be easily moulded into solid shapes as it has a high melting point. Owing to its high stretching power, it finds usage in so many different fields such as fibre cable, food packaging materials, electronic equipment and flooring materials.

Polystyrene Sheets

Polystyrene plastic is another form of thermoplastic that is chiefly used in commercial packaging. It is available both in the form of solid material and rigid foam material. It is commonly used in laboratory equipment such as test tubes or petri dishes, as well as for residential smoke detectors.


Delrin is a popular brand of acetal plastic that has some very unique physical properties such as low friction, creep resistance and hydrocarbon resistance. These properties make it perfect for applications such as rollers and gears, bushings and bearings, wear strips and pads, valves and other electric parts.

UHMW Plastic

UHMW plastic is preferred for its high resistance to abrasion, moisture and other chemicals. It is ideal for fabricating mechanical parts. It has many benefits like it is mostly resistant to corrosion. It is also recyclable and environment-friendly. UHMW plastic has far better wear properties than Teflon and can sometimes be substituted in its place. It is used for a variety of commercial purposes. For instance, the sheets on which they slide down the hamburgers at McDonald’s are made of UHMW plastic.

Other Plastic Products


ABS Plastic






We also offer pet-resistant window screens to keep your four-legged friends safe of ticks and insects inside the home. Contact us today to know more about our glass, mirrors and plastic products.

Just a few of our many Glass and Mirror Products & Services:

set of brass tools stands in front of fireplace

Fireplace Glass Replacements 

modern glass table in the loft interior


Shower door

Shower Doors and Enclosures 

Bathroom Mirror


Privacy waterglass

Decorative Glass

Designer window with railing

Design Services for Contractors and Architects

Plastic window icon

Plastic Products

We offer a complete line of Lexan, plexiglass and derlin and other commercially-used plastics.

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